M. A. Baumann Photography | FAQ

How Do I Order Photos?

The best way to do this is to set up a new client account for your self.  Once this is completed, I suggest placing all the selected photos in the cart and once this is completed, then review and eliminate or delete the photos you do not want.

What happens to the actual color of the photos?

All of the photos on the website are full size and original color.  The photos are processed by a lab and they will do color correction of the photos. 

How do I edit the photos?

The photo can be edited or cropped to eliminate to allow the focal point of the photo to be enlarged and eliminate unwanted items in the original photo.

The photos can also be changed to black and white, sepia (in some form of color) or text can be added as well.

How do I get a "special feature" photo?

Depending on the photo or the special feature, these are pretty much custom order and you can email me and I can correspond directly.  Special feature photos are more as there is special editing required.  This is completed prior to posting the website. 

How do I get the photos?

The photos are actually processed a custom lab and will be shipped directly to your house in a few days.  Express shipping is available for a nominal fee.